Your Ultimate Buying Guide For Hummingbird Feeders

Deciding on the specific product to grab from a variety of options might, at times, be the hardest thing to do, especially if you are a beginner. This is because you might be having very little knowledge or none at all about some of these products’ workability, durability, quality, carrying capacity, aesthetic, and cost among other aspects which are of immense importance to be put into consideration.

Therefore, whether you are an experienced birder or you are just a newbie in this field, there are a couple of features that you need to put into consideration to be able to make a sound purchase for your hummingbird nesting.

Since hummingbirds are not naturally domestic birds, it of great importance to bring into play the aspect of aesthetic so that you can be able to attract them to your garden. And once you have managed to manipulate a couple of these birds, there is nothing that will hold other back from joining in. This is thus the reason why you also need to consider the aspect of carrying capacity, points feeding, etc.

Here is a comprehensive guide everything you need to know about hummingbird’s feeder before making an order. With this complete guide, you will be able to make a firm decision before choosing that which fits your needs best;

1. Design

It’s of great importance to put into consideration the aspect of design, which should at all cost have some aesthetic value. The use of a product that has an excellent design and the ability to capture the attention of any hummingbirds that pass by your garden should be your main objective. 

So, if you’re looking forward to having many birds in your garden, then consider the use of bright colors especially those which are nature-oriented. By this, it means those that resemble natural flowers and are pleasant to the eyes. This way you will be able to bring more hummingbirds to your garden.

2. Quality

This is another feature you also need to put into consideration anytime you’re thinking of buying a hummingbird feeder. The quality of a hummingbird feeder will basically be determined by the type of material used. 

For utility purposes, hummingbird feeders made of glass or plastic, the material used should be of higher quality. For instance, plastic-like the polycarbonate makes excellent quality feeders which are hard to break easily. If possible, also try and avoid feeders that are made of steel since they tend to get rust with time.

3. Carrying capacity

Since you aim at having a large flock of hummingbirds in your garden, it thus very important to also put into consideration the aspect of carrying capacity whenever you are planning a buy a new hummingbird feeder. This way, a single feeder will be able to contain enough nectar to feed a large number of birds. More so, you won’t have to keep on adding nectar after a short period, and this will also save on time. 

Larger nectar feeds are more suitable for birds, which like moving in flocks and thus a better chance to have a large flock of birds within the shortest time possible. But if you are not a busy birder and you spend most of the time at home, then go for a small feeder since you have enough time to keep on adding more nectar. An added advantage here is that birds might become used to you within no time and will not be flying away every time they see you approaching.

4. Feeding station

Just the same way, you will be looking for a feeder which the highest carrying capacity, this is the same thing that will be applying to a feeder that has several feeding points. It is thus wise to look for that feeder, which has a couple of feeding points since you will be able to have many birds feeding at the same time comfortably. 

Also, the aspect of how well designed they are is also on important consideration to put into play when buying a new feeder. It will also be of immense importance to ensure that feeding stations are hummingbird specific. This will help in discouraging other rival birds from bringing unnecessary competition and fight.

5. Cost

A buying guide can never be complete without considering the aspect of cost. So when buying a hummingbird feeder, it wise to go for that which has the above feature and it’s of a fair price. Don’t stress yourself going for those expensive feeders since expensive products are not always of quality standards. This means that prices can be divisive and thus, you should not use cost criteria to determine quality.

So, with this comprehensive guide, then count yourself well equipped for your next shopping tour. This guide will help you make firm decisions base on facts instead of just gambling whenever you are selecting a given hummingbird feeder for that very first time. Try to use it today, and you will enjoy the experience.

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