Ultimate Vegan Diet Plan for Beginners

Embracing a vegan diet can be rewarding, especially in terms of health.  At first, it may seem like an uphill task by restricting your food options. On the contrary, it opens new dietary opportunities.

First things first. A vegan diet is plant-based and excludes all foods derived from animals. The reason for adopting a vegan diet varies from one person to another. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself. A recent Vegan diet study has shown that it can help in weight loss, toxins elimination, reducing heart diseases, and reducing obesity.

It is imperative that you maintain a balanced diet of grains, vegetables and proteins. You should also add supplements for nutrients mainly found in animal products. For instance, you can supplement omega 3, which is mainly found in fish, with flaxseed. Flaxseed is a great plant source of omega 3.

There is an array of great, sumptuous alternatives to dairy, eggs, and meet. This includes avocados, which is a great source of essential fats and an ideal alternative to cheese. Almond and soya milk are a suitable replacements for dairy products. Soya milk is fortified with vitamin B12.

If you are starting out as a vegan, you may face a lot of challenges. It is perfect to slip a few times.  So below are some essential strategies to follow when starting your vegan journey. Yes, fried Chicken can be very tempting.

Self Preparation

If you decide to go the vegan way, prepare yourself, and do some little research. The goal is to balance the meals and hence keep you healthy and happy.  Do some research in your local stores and check out the food variations they have on the shelf. Some stores offer specialized vegan food options. As days go by educate yourself on vegan cooking techniques.

Slow but Sure Pace

You may be tempted to jump on vegan diet spontaneously. Well, some people have tried that before and from testimonies, it rarely works. A gradual transition can prove to be quite easier and usually successful. You can start by doing away with meat in the first week, and then eliminate fish in the second and poultry in the following weeks. Set short deadlines like week challenge and increase gradually.

Have a simple diverse diet

Using complicated vegan recipes will only set you for failure. Avoid expensive and fancy alternatives. As a beginner, start with simple meals and avoid concentrating on time-consuming and complicated foods. Focus on eating plenty of grains, starches vegetables and whole foods. Diversify your diet and most importantly ensure it is full of minerals and vitamins. If your vegan food is not available your workplace, consider making you vegan food at home before going to work. It will definitely help you to beat hunger and save some pennies.

Vegan Food alternatives

Learn more about vegan food alternatives. There is a myriad of excellent substitutes. You will definitely find vegan food substitutes that will replace flavor and ingredient you desire to be in your food.

Body changes

Our bodies react differently when shifting to a vegan diet. In the first two weeks, you will be in detox mode. Expect energy level changes and headaches. Well, do not worry. After a month, your body will adapt and the symptoms will disappear.

Use healthy snacks

A vegan diet has low calories compared to animal products. Nuts and fruits come in handy. They will help you fight cravings.

Join a vegan community

The transition to a vegan diet can sometimes be lonely. These communities can answer your questions, seek support, get inspiration, and open up on struggles. Both online and offline community groups can be very beneficial in your vegan journey.

Types of Vegan Diets

There are many types of vegan diets which include:

  • Whole food vegan diet – this diet is based on whole plants such as whole grains, nuts, legumes fruits and vegetables
  • Raw food vegan diet- This food is cooked with temperatures below 48°C.
  • Starch solution- This diet has high carbohydrates and low fats. It is more focused on rice, potatoes and corn

Simple vegan recipe

Some great vegan recipes ideas you can utilize as a beginner are:

  • Beans and Rice
  • Veggie wraps
  • Grains salad
  • Bakes potatoes
  • Soup and stew
  • Sandwich
  • Smoothies

Vegan Diet Plan for Beginners

Armed with these strategies, you can now prepare a vegan plan. Below is a suitable plan for beginners


  • Hummus on toast, spicy potato tofu, berry oats


  • Strawberries, Hummus, pear, soya yogurt and roasted chickpeas


  • Tofu fajita
  • Vegetable
  • Spinach
  • Vega cashew ricotta Cannelloni
  • Mushrooms
  • Curried tofu

Mid-afternoon snacks

  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Apple juice


  • Roast butternut
  • Creamy coconut
  • Chickpea
  • Lentil lasagne


Adopting a vegan diet is not a walk in the par for beginners. It calls for discipline and determinations. However, there is mounting evidence of health benefits of vegan diet to our bodies. Choosing a plant based diet is a prudent step that is worth its salt.

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